Tuesday, October 11, 2011

life happened

I so did not mean to take a little blogging hiatus at all. Life just happened. 
We have been very busy lately, but I am beyond thrilled that we will be home this weekend with nothing to do, because our weekends are full until after the holidays.

I went to Austin two weekends ago for our annual ACU girls weekend trip. Not everyone could make it with work stuff and new babies, but it was still so much fun. I am so blessed to know these fabulous women. 

The nine of us that came plus three precious babies.

  The married/single/engaged/dating/no babies group photo. I think that covers everyone!

 We hit up South Congress for some shopping, photo ops, people watching, and lunch. I love all the different food trucks that have taken over! Jenny and I went to my fave Home Slice Pizza. Some idiot tried to make me feel like a pig for getting two slices {they are pretty big} by saying he's never been able to finish two slices and that he can barely eat one slice. Don't worry, I powered through and finished both slices. I sure showed him. 

This past week I worked like a slave on a professional development session that I presented this past Monday. I rocked it. Did you happen to check out Star's fab guest post from last week?

Last weekend we were house sitting for some friends while they went home to Nebraska. They have 2 golden retrievers and it was just easier for us to keep them at their house rather than our apartment. It made me want to buy a house now instead of waiting until next year!

Happy Tuesday y'all! I'm off to cheer on the Rangers in game 3 of the ALCS!


Meg O. said...

How fun to get together with the girls! Glad it was a great trip. We've missed ya!!

Neely said...

So fun! Miss you! Sorry I didnt call today, stayed late and had to meet Chad for counseling

Lexi.Kuenstler said...

Hey is the girl in the orange shirt Jordan? She was my campaigners leader when I was in high school!!!

Meghan said...

Adorable! So glad you had a great time!

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