Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Guest Post: Star from Star's Pink World

I'm super excited to have Star from Star's Pink World be my first guest blogger today!! She is a fabulous blogger! Y'all go check her out!

Hi girls! I'm Star and I blog over at Star's Pink World! I'm filling in for Kerbi today, while she's off doing who knows what! So she has me here to entertain you for her!

Today I want to share with you my favorite Twilight movie moments! I know Kerbi is a fan, and I sure hope you all are too!  

With November 18th  fast approaching, it'll be time to go stand in line for 8 hours{again} to watch the midnight release of Breaking Dawn. Obviously, I am planning a marathon of the first 3 movies before I go watch BD.  So that got me thinking of my fave Twilight moments. Most of them include my love Edward, and all of them make me wish this wonderful fantasy world of Twilight were real. {for serious, I wish vampires were real, lame!}  

I somehow managed to narrow it down to 15. If you get through them all I congratulate you! You're either a fan, or just really bored! 


the meadow

dancing in edwards room
kissing in bellas room

Edward plays Bella's lullaby
the prom dance

New Moon 

edward and bella kiss

bella and edward at bday party {prior to papercut}
alice comes to forks

bella saves edward {and kiss}
bella and edward reconcile 


opening meadow scene

 bed scene {hip hitch}

edwards fight scene

closing meadow scene
What are some of your favorite twilight moments? 

Tell me, are you Team Edward or Jacob?

{I'm curious!} 

I hope you got all through this post!  

Have a wonderful day!


Ashleigh said...

OMG! Now I want to reread all the books and watch Twilight! I AM TEAM EDWARD!!! SO HOT!

Michelle said...

Sadly, I'm not a Twilight fan! I've never read the books or seen the movies! Crazy, I know!

tara said...

what a fabulous guest post, star!! love me some twilight!

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