Monday, September 28, 2009

Shopping in Your Closet: Frugal Fashionistas!

 Tonight I am participating in Meredith's

  •  This week is all about those oh so lovely Frugal Finds! Anything under $50, possibly those from Target, Forever 21, and other stores like that!. 

This top is from Forever 21

I actually bought this *top* because I thought it was a dress. I was in 
a hurry and tried it on and didn't really pay that much attention
because I know my size. So, after I got home I tried it on again and it looked REALLY short. I thought there must be some mistake. So, the next day I went back to exchange it. I asked the sales clerk, "Where can I find this dress? I need to exchange it for a different size because it is really short." She looked at me and said "Uhhh, the reason it's too short is because it is not a dress. It is a top." (does anyone else have this problem there? It is sometimes hard for me to distinguish their tops from their dresses!) So...I was too embarrassed to exchange it that I kept it like it was. I wear it as a top now. (I may or may not have worn it as a dress on my honeymoon). Just saying.

This 3/4 sleeve jacket is another Forever 21 find

I really love to wear this with a black long sleeve shirt or sweater with jeans!

These Alfani shoes are one of my FAVORITE pairs!

I got these a few years ago when I went to Macy's *just to look around* because I was bored! Once I got there I realized they were having a sale on shoes. I saw these and they were still $75 ON SALE. So I decided to wait and when I went back two weeks later I they were on sale even more...$30! They were the only pair left in my size so I thought it was meant to be!

This top I bought at my one of my favorite stores Banana Republic in the spring of 2008

I fell in love with this top when I bought it along with several other items, brought it home, hung it in my closet and forgot about it. I cleaned out my closet in May and realized that I had forgotten about it and took off the tags! I have not forgotten about it sense then!

This last Item has got to be one of my favorites

I really don't know what to call this, but I LOVE it. I usually wear a cream colored long or 3/4 sleeve sweater underneath it. I also, really wish I could remember the name of the place I got it from (some vintage inspired shop in Austin off S. Congress) 

  • For some reason this post makes me want to shop more! I want to go out and see what other 'frugal finds' are out there!
  • This post also makes me wish I still lived in Austin where I could shop for ANYTHING! 
  • Even though I'm not a huge fan of Houston...I kind of wish I only lived 15 minutes away from the Houston Galleria like I did a year and a half ago!  

  • I hope you have enjoyed a look into some of my frugal finds! 

**Isn't my new header FABULOUS?! The sweet, amazing, and talented Meredith designed it for me!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cooking kind of mood...

*First of all, pardon the blog...I am in the process of finding someone to make it over for me!

1. I love football season! (though not nearly enough as my husband). I love
watching football (WRECK 'EM TECH), and just having it on in the
background while I cook and/or clean! I also love football beacuse
to me it means that we are that much closer to fall and WINTER!
This is what our house looks like during football season... 
I'm a good wife! (Since Glenn put up 3 tv's I get to
celebrate/decorate for Christmas as long as my heart desires!)

2. Since there really isn't much to do in Waco, we bought Baylor season
tickets for the second year in a row. (Don't worry, I don't cheer 
for them if they are playing Tech, A&M, or OU ). I also really
like going to the games so that I can see the bear!

I want to give the bear a hug SO bad...I think  know we 
could be best friends!

* Back to cooking/baking!
3. I love to cook and love to bake even more! I am lucky to be married to
a wonderful man who loves to cook as well and he is GREAT at it! 
  • We had a family lunch yesterday before the Baylor game and we  brought homemade bread (sorry I forgot to take pictures, but I am making it again on Wednesday to go along with dinner with our sweet friends. So stay tuned for those pictures!)
  • This weekend I am planning to make some Cake Pops from   

4. A few months ago we made The Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls and they were DIVINE! I want to warn you...unless you are feeding an army, you must half the recipe. We halved it and it made 22 BIG cinnamon rolls! (I guess we could have quartered the recipe...but that would have taken way to much time, and the measurements would have been too weird!)

 Side note: since we halved the cinnamon rolls
I thought we should half the icing recipe as well...I was wrong!
I LOVE sweets! So if you are anything like me, then half the 
rolls but DON"T mess with the icing!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Glenn's Football Picks

So last year I put $100 into an online betting site and bet on football games until I ran out of money.  This year I got a letter in the mail from that site saying that they were giving me $100 this year since I was a "good" customer.  For the next few weeks I will post my picks on here for the weekend.  If you pick oppisite of me you are sure to make money!  Here are the picks:

Indianapolis +2 @ Arizona
Denver -1.5 @ Oakland
Pittsburgh -4@ Cincinnati
Miami + 6 @ San Diego
New Orleans -6 @ Buffalo
Seattle +2 vs. Chicago
New England -4.5 vs. Atlanta
Washington -6 @ Detroit
NYG -6.5 @ Tampa Bay
San Francisco +7 @ Minnesota
Green Bay -6.5 @ St. Louis
Houston -4 vs. Jacksonville

I don't bet on college and I don't bet on the Cowboys. 

P.S.  I only bet $5 bucks on each game!  Let me know what you think!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Here goes nothing...

A few things:
1. I have secretly wanted to start a blog for quite some time (I guess it's not a secret now that I have started one)
2. I like lists...
3. I hope I can keep this thing up!

My reasons for starting a blog:
1. I have been told that once you get married at least one of these things will happen (1. you start a blog 2. you cut off your hair 3. you get a pet) well, we already had a dog, I recently cut off 10 inches of my hair, and now I am starting a blog. So, there ya' go.
2. Glenn and I love to cook and entertain so I hope to incorporate that into my blog.
3. I LOVE reading blogs of old and new friends, so why not join the team!
4. I promise before I started this that I had many more reasons...but I have lost my list...

*** So...I have been keeping up with several blogs as of recently and mine is in desperate need of help! So all of you experienced bloggers out there...please help me out! I need ALL the ideas and advise you can spare! THANK YOU in advance for your help!
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